PACE Quick Facts

  • As of May 1, 2012, there were 85 PACE organizations nationwide.

  • At the beginning of 2012, there were approximately 25,000 participants. Only 7 % of these participants who were nursing facility eligible, were actually in a nursing home.

  • 29 states have PACE programs, including Kansas.

  • 10 percent of PACE participants have Medicaid only; 1 percent have Medicare only; 89 percent have dual eligibility.

  • The average Medicare Part C payment per member, per month in 2011, was $2,048.

  • The average Medicare Part D payment per member, per month in 2011, was $446.90.

  • The average Medicaid payment for a dually-eligible member, per month in 2011, was $3,332.

  • The average Medicaid payment for a Medicaid-only member, per month for 2011, was $4,582.

Expanding PACE in Kansas

Studies show that PACE participants have improved health status, quality of life, lower mortality rates, increased choice in how to spend their time and grater confidence in dealing with life's problems.
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Current PACE Projects in Kansas

  • Kansas has PACE projects operated by Via Christi Health Systems in Wichita and Midland Care Connection in Topeka.

  • Approximately 280 consumers per month were enrolled in PACE during SFY 2011.

  • The average cost per customer per month was $1,473.

  • The SFY 2011 PACE budget was $5 million.

How We’re Working to Grow PACE Programs in Kansas

  • The Kansas PACE expansion effort is a collaboration between the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) and the National PACE Association.

  • The goal of the project is to greatly expand the availability of PACE programs to older adults in Kansas who have long term care needs. We hope to help health care providers develop PACE programs as a line of business. An educational campaign directed at providers is currently underway.

  • PACE enrollment is expected to grow as KanCare becomes a dual enrollment option for Medicaid in the state as of Kansas, Jan. 1, 2013.

  • Visit our Providers section to learn more.

    Kansas PACE partners could include:

      • Health Systems
      • Free-Standing Community Agencies
      • Community Health Centers
      • Long-Term Care Providers
      • Hospitals

    To learn more about how PACE has worked in other states, visit the National PACE Association website.

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