Mental Health and Residential Care Facilities Division

The Mental Health and Residential Care Facilities Division evaluates intermediate care facilities, nursing facilities for mental health, assisted living facilities and other “state licensed only” facilities for state licensure and federal certification. These facilities serve several thousand elderly, physically impaired, developmentally disabled and chronically mentally ill individuals who reside in a variety of institutional and community-based settings.

State licensing:

Of the 9,800 beds in state-licensed facilities, 5,454 are within licensed Assisted Living Facilities, 1,682 are in Residential Health Care Facilities,and 790 are encompassed by state institutions for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled. The remaining 1,874 beds are in community-based facilities including intermediate care facilities, boarding care homes, HomesPlus and adult day care centers. Many state-licensed facilities provide services that address needs that may vary from those provided in traditional nursing homes. They serve some of society’s most vulnerable members, people who are unable to care for themselves due to developmental disabilities, mental illness,disease and/or injury. The Division ensures that these people receive appropriate care and are not subject to abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Quality Review:

The Division also administers the Quality Review Program responsible for collecting field data for use in determining compliance with state and federal regulations by the Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and service provision through the state general fund, the Older Americans Act and the Home and Community-Based Services-Frail Elderly waiver. Ongoing reviews are completed on a statewide, statistically significant sample of customers.


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