Parsons State Hospital and Training Center

Mission Statement:

To improve lives by connecting people with supports and services.

Vision Statement:

People experiencing the highest quality of life regardless of the challenges.

Parsons State Hospital and Training Center (PSH&TC) is one of two residential treatment, training, and care facilities operated by the State of Kansas to serve individuals with intellectual disabilities. The Center is certified by the State Department of Health and Environment, under Title XIX of the Social Security Act, as an Intermediate Care Facility for individuals who have cognitive disabilities. The Hospital is certified by the Kansas Hospital Association as a special Mental Hospital and by the State Department of Education as a Special Purpose School.

The Hospital opened in 1903 as a State Hospital for Epileptics. In 1957 the Hospital was renamed Parsons State Hospital and Training Center and began providing programs for individuals with mental retardation. The Hospital occupies 43 buildings on 163 acres. Major components include residential services, the University Center on Developmental Disabilities and the Parsons Research Center for the University of Kansas, the Special Purpose School of the Southeast Regional Education Service Center, and the Southeast Kansas Agricultural Research Center of Kansas State University.

aerial shot of Parson State Hospital and Training Center

Campus staff provide services to approximately 194 individuals. An individual must be at least six years of age to be admitted. All levels of abilities are served with the individual’s needs being the primary concern. Individuals in need of treatment at PSH&TC have significant handicaps in addition to their intellectual disabilities. Currently 88% of the residents exhibit a psychiatric impairment or behavioral disorder.

Individuals are admitted to PSH&TC on a voluntary basis with the signed consent of the parents or legal guardian. Before admission, it must be determined that services are not available locally. This determination is made by working with the local Community Developmental Disability Organization, the parents, and the person for whom admission is sought. Applications are screened by the PSH&TC Admission Committee. After admission the process of Person Centered Planning takes place. Services are based on the values and goals of each resident. Staff listen to how individuals want to live then try to meet those requests while balancing obligations to keep residents healthy and safe.

PSH&TC has enjoyed a national and international reputation in the field of intellectual disabilities primarily as the result of a relationship with the University of Kansas, University Center on Developmental Disabilities at Parsons, which was established in January 1958. This affiliation has created many significant advances in research and attracted a large group of highly qualified professionals who provide professional training opportunities and leadership in Kansas programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.



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