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Home and Community Based Services for the Frail Elderly:

Your Rights and Responsibilities When you Choose to Self-Direct Your Care

May 2009


You have chosen to self-direct your home and community based services. By doing so, you have also chosen to be responsible for many choices in your care as a Home and Community Based Services Frail Elderly (HCBS/FE) customer.

The option to self-direct gives you certain rights. You have the right to choose:


It is the responsibility of the Case Manager, SRS worker, and Payroll Agent to help answer your questions and provide information to you.

It is your responsibility to communicate with them about your needs and changes, such as address/living arrangements, marital status, assets/income, health insurance coverage, hospitalizations, nursing facility placement and the need for more or less hours of service.

You must contact your Case Manager and your SRS worker within 10 calendar days if any of these changes occur.

People Available to Assist You

When you choose to self-direct your care, there are three parties available to assist you in understanding both your rights and responsibilities.

Paperwork and Responsibilities

Some of your responsibilities when you choose self-directed care are to:

Information Your Attendant May Need to Know

Other Responsibilities

Note: No HCBS/FE services are to be provided during a hospitalization or nursing home stay. No payment will be made to the worker for services provided during this time.

The Right to Self-Direct comes with rules and responsibilities. It is important that you understand and comply with these rules and responsibilities or your HCBS/FE services, your option to self-direct, and your Medical Card can be terminated.


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