Frequently Asked Questions

Guardianships and Conservatorships

How do I become a guardian or conservator?

Contact your attorney as only the courts can grant the powers of guardianship or conservatorship. The guardian or conservator is subject to the direction of the courts.

What does a guardian do?

A guardian makes personal and medical decisions promoting the comfort, safety, and health of an individual or ward. Guardianship duties can be "limited" or "full." A guardian must file an annual report with the court.

What does a conservator do?

Kansas law requires that the conservator acts on behalf of the conservatee (individual), to manage the estate for the benefit of the conservatee, and annually present to the court a verified account of the conservatee’s income and expenses.

Where can I get information on Guardianship or Conservatorship?

The Kansas Guardianship Program (KGP) has an 18-page publication, "A Guide to Kansas Laws on Guardianship and Conservatorship." You can request a copy of this publication from the Kansas Guardianship Program, 3248 Kimball Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66503-0353 or by calling 1-800-672-0086 (message only). Fax: 785-587-9626.

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