Mental Health and Aging

holdinghands photoMental disorders are not part of normal aging, but circumstances that can contribute to the development of mental health disorders in older adults include social isolation, stressful living conditions, bereavement, acute and chronic health conditions and the burden of having to take care of a seriously impaired family member. Many older people develop mental health problems for the first time when they are in their later years. It is important to remember that these problems are treatable. A small number of older adults have a history of serious and persistent mental health problems that began in younger years and continue to require treatment as they become older.

What do you know about Aging and Mental Health?

Aging, by definition, means to grow old and more mature. Aging is a normal process; we are aging from the moment of birth. However, in today's society, the word "aging," like "mental health" or "mental disorder" sometimes has negative meanings. Incorrect beliefs fuel a number of myths about what it means to be an older adult, especially one who experiences a mental health problem or disorder.

Tips for Good Mental Health

Some common disorders and their treatments

Factors that can influence mental well-being of individuals at any age include:

Warning Signs of Mental Disorders

Other Resources:

Visit the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas, Inc. website (www.acmhck.org/BusinessDirectoryII.asp) for additional information or a directory of the Community Mental Health Centers in your area.

Theravive Website www.theravive.com

The therapist directory includes thousands of mental health professionals across North America, Theravive is recognized as the top therapist directory according to PsychCentral.com. They also have a free online mental health encyclopedia, academic articles and research on mental health, and a mental health blog.

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