Governor's Mental Health Initiative


Kansans who have not achieved recovery through traditional means will live successful, self-determined, meaningful lives in their homes and communities.

Overview Information

Regional Recovery Centers

The regional recovery center infrastructure is intended to enhance successful outreach and engagement of individuals who have behavioral health disabilities and have not entered the mental health system through traditional means. The initiative also targets:

  • Individuals who are uninsured and under-insured
  • Individuals at risk of being admitted to state mental health or local psychiatric hospitals due to a lack of engagement or lack of a demonstrated ability to follow a mental health treatment plan:
    • This may include individuals who use mental health crisis services but never engage in other services offered by the Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs).
    • Also included are those who keep mental health appointments inconsistently and tend to be elusive or 'on the fringes'.

The regional recovery centers have been identified and plans for each region are available below:

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