Substance Use Treatment Toolkit

In order to ensure an easier and more efficient license application process, Behavioral Health Services Substance Use Consultants have put together the following toolkit to walk providers through the steps required to apply for licensure.  

If you have any questions regarding the toolkit, please contact Rhonda Gabel via email or by calling 785-296-4516.

The Toolkit

Toolkit Index - This tool kit provides forms, websites, and documents to assist with implementing the Standards for Licensure/Certification of Alcohol and/or other Drug Abuse Treatment Programs. This document opens in Word. To retrieve the corresponding form, choose below from 1-47.  To view the index of this toolkit, click the words "Toolkit Index" at the beginning of this paragraph.
  1. Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation Example
  2. Board Meeting Minutes Template Example
  3. Building A Mission and Vision
  4. Policy and Procedure Example
  5. Policy and Procedure Template
  6. Position Description Example
  7. Employee Record Checklist Example
  8. Employee Application Example
  9. Kansas Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry
  10. Reference Check Request Example
  11. Employee Orientation Verification Statement Example
  12. Annual Performance Appraisal Example
  13. Student and Volunteer Orientation Verification Statement Example
  14. Annual Review of Policy and Procedure Manual Example
  15. Client Grievance Procedure Notification Example
  16. Managing Risk and Continuous Quality Improvement
  17. Risk Management Review Record Example
  18. A.I.R. Instructions Provider Version 2
  19. A.I.R. Quick Reference Version 2
  20. Web Security Agreement Instructions
  21. Client Survey Example
  22. Qualified Service Organization Business Associate Agreement Example
  23. Annual Disaster Plan Review Example
  24. Kansas Tobacco Quitline Fact Sheet
  25. Fire/Tornado Drill Records Example
  26. Transport Agreement Example
  27. Transportation Log Example
  28. Outpatient Client Rights Example
  29. Residential Client Rights Example
  30. Notice Of Confidentiality Example
  31. Acknowledgement Form Example
  32. All-Purpose Release of Information Form
  33. KS MCO Multi Party Release Of Information Form
  34. Computer Security Agreement Example
  35. Referral Log Example
  36. Treatment Contract/Consent to Treat Example
  37. Records Request and Release Form Example
  38. Biophysical Nursing Example
  39. Assessment Form Example
  40. Treatment Plan Example
  41. Treatment Plan Update Example
  42. Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy Example
  43. Personal Recovery Planning Example
  44. Discharge and Continuing Care Plan Example
  45. Discharge Summary Example
  46. Medication Record Example
  47. Adolescent Treatment Online Resources