Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral for Treatment (SBIRT)

SBIRT is an evidence-based approach of identifying patients who use alcohol and other drugs at risky levels, with the intention of reducing and preventing related health consequences, disease, accidents and injuries.

The primary goal of SBIRT is to influence individuals’ risky behavior patterns and reduce their exposure to the negative consequences of misuse. SBIRT is also designed to improve the linkages between general community health care and specialized substance abuse treatment providers to facilitate access to care when indicated.

SBIRT Practitioners professions include licensed health care professionals to include physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, nurses, dentists, and certified health educators. Additionally, professionals licensed by the Kansas Behavioral Sciences regulatory board to include psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, psychologists, marriage and family therapists and addiction counselors.

Approved service locations include primary medical care practices, acute medical care facilities, rural health clinics, critical access hospitals, federally qualified health centers, community mental health centers, state mental hospitals, substance use disorder treatment programs, Indian health services, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, family planning clinics, and rural health clinics.

Individuals who want to become a SBIRT practitioner must complete a SBIRT training from a KDADS approved SBIRT trainer and/or online training course. The SBIRT practitioner must complete the coursework with a score of 70% or greater. The SBIRT Practitioner will then need to enroll on the Wichita State University, Training Teams website. The SBIRT practitioner shall submit their CEU and/or Certificate of completion, documentation of a score of 70% or greater and professional license and/or certificate to Wichita State University, Training Teams website and each of the Managed Care Organizations.

KDADS Approved SBIRT Trainers – The list includes trainer names and approved online SBIRT courses.

SBIRT Resources –


  • BHS/MCO 503 – Process to become a Medicaid Approved SBIRT Practitioner
  • BHS/MCO 504 – Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral for Treatment (SBIRT) Services

A Personal NPI number is required to bill this service, Click here for more information.

Click here to enroll online to become a Medicaid approved SBIRT practitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ireta is the National SBIRT ATTC:

  • IRETA offers training, technical assistance, and a variety of services in the area of SBIRT
  • IRETA uses the technology transfer model to move research findings into practice
  • IRETA disseminates best practices and new research to stakeholders interested in SBIRT
  • IRETA is part of a national network of experts in the area of substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery