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Systems of Care Expansion & Sustainability Cooperative Agreement

System of Care LogoSAMHSA awarded a four-year System of Care (SOC) Expansion and Sustainability Cooperative Agreement to KDADS in 2016. The purpose of this program is to improve behavioral health outcomes for children and youth (ages birth through 21 years) with serious emotional disturbances (SED) and their families. Kansas SOC is the partnership of the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS), Community Engagement Institute (CEI), and four Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs): Compass Behavioral Health, South Central Mental Health Counseling Center, Sumner Mental Health Center and Wyandot Center for Community Behavioral Health.

Kansas SOC will support the wide scale operation, expansion and integration of the SOC approach by creating sustainable infrastructure and services that are required as part of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and their Families Program (CMHI). This will build upon progress made in developing comprehensive SOC across the county by focusing on sustainable financing, cross-agency collaboration, the creation of policy and infrastructure and the development and implementation of evidence-based and evidence-informed services and supports. Other activities supported will include the implementation of systemic changes, training and workforce development.

The goal is to continue these efforts to ensure that this approach becomes the primary way in which mental health services for children and youth with SED are delivered throughout the nation.

For more information about the grant KDADS secured from SAMHSA, download the Cooperative Agreements for Expansion and Sustainability of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program, Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) No. SM-16-009.

'Voices of Wellness' Newsletter

Action Plan

Kansas SOC hosted the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Site Visit Team in February 2018. The Site Visit Team reviewed SOC’s progress toward the Cooperative Agreement objectives. The team found many strengths in the SOC and some areas that may need improvement, including additional orientation and training about SOC values and principles, more consistency in policies and procedures at the local and state levels (e.g., intake and assessment, flexible funding, and services records), and the implementation of the required committees.

To view the report outlining the key issues and recommendations identified by SAMHSA's Site Visit Team, download the full report posted below.

To track SOC's overall progress on recommended action items, download the action plan progress report below. To track the progress of each SAMHSA recommendation individually, download the tracking report by individual recommendation below.

Advisory Council

  • Goals and Responsibilities

  • Meetings

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Advisory Meeting Minutes 8.2.18 DRAFTPDF875.40 KB15 Aug, 2018 Download
Advisory Meeting Minutes 4.26.18PDF850.75 KB15 Aug, 2018 Download
Advisory Meeting Minutes 1.25.18PDF249.59 KB18 Jun, 2018 Download
Advisory Meeting Minutes 9.7.17PDF848.95 KB05 Feb, 2018 Download
Advisory Meeting Minutes 6.6.17PDF440.49 KB09 Oct, 2017 Download
SOC Site Visit Action StepsPDF64.91 KB18 Jun, 2018 Download
SOC Committee SummariesPDF35.14 KB18 Jun, 2018 Download
CharterPDF211.52 KB09 Oct, 2017 Download
SOC Project Coordinator Call Minutes 7.19.19DOCX92.05 KB31 Jul, 2019 Download
August 6th Meeting MinutesPDF20.69 KB19 Aug, 2019 Download
Duties for InterimPDF56.00 KB19 Aug, 2019 Download
Family Stipend PolicyPDF570.91 KB03 Sep, 2019 Download
Advisory Meeting Minutes 1-24-19PDF271.93 KB06 Sep, 2019 Download
Advisory Meeting Minutes 7-25-19DOCX86.68 KB06 Sep, 2019 Download
Advisory Meeting Minutes 4-25-19DOCX65.48 KB06 Sep, 2019 Download



FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
KSOC Strategic Finance & Sustainability Plan - September 2018PDF303.02 KB23 Oct, 2018 Download
KSOC Youth Focus Group Report 2018PDF220.58 KB18 Jun, 2018 Download
KSOC Parent Focus Group Report 2018PDF242.60 KB18 Jun, 2018 Download
Core PrinciplesPDF266.17 KB25 Oct, 2017 Download
Social Marketing StrategyPDF477.79 KB25 Oct, 2017 Download
Youth Group ToolkitPDF731.93 KB25 Oct, 2017 Download
PamphletPDF6.74 MB25 Oct, 2017 Download
Listening Tour Summary Report 2017PDF737.05 KB06 Nov, 2017 Download
Listening Tour Full Report 2017PDF539.74 KB06 Nov, 2017 Download
KS SOC Flex Funds Request FormPDF47.58 KB15 Aug, 2018 Download
KS SOC Flex Funds PolicyPDF44.71 KB15 Aug, 2018 Download

2019 SOC Summit Presentations and Resources

On June 17th and 18th, a Summit was held to discuss the future of the System of Care in Kansas. 

Here are links to information shared at the conference.

From the University of Maryland:
  1. A link to our primary care integration paper:
  2. A link to the telehealth brief: which includes information on the consultation models in Massachusetts (MCPAP), Maryland (BHIPP), and Project ECHO which originated in New Mexico but is used in other states today.
  3. A link to the NASMHPD paper on the need for a children’s crisis continuum:
  4. A link to the FACES data on Medicaid expenditures for children’s behavioral health:
  5. A link to Maryland’s antipsychotic medication monitoring programming. This is NOT a PDMP but rather a joint effort between the Medicaid pharmacy division and the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.  On the left side, you can see sub-links to the Project Narrative, state transmittals, and related documents. As you can see in the PPT presentation from 2011, nearly half of all prescriptions were coming from non-behavioral health providers. A review of the program was published here: Over 30 states have peer review programs of some type: