Disaster Response Role

KDADS is the lead and coordinating agency for the Kansas Emergency Support Function 6 (ESF-6). Following a state or federally declared disaster, ESF-6 partners and collaborates with multiple agencies and organizations to assist disaster survivors in obtaining mass care resources such as:

  1. Sheltering
  2. Meals
  3. Emergency first aid
  4. Bulk distribution of emergency relief items
  5. Emergency food assistance
  6. Support and services for functional needs populations
  7. Emotional support
  8. Housing
  9. Pet sheltering
  10. Disaster well-being inquiry

KDADS's Community Services and Programs Commission is the state agency responsible for oversight of the Kansas State Crisis Counseling Plan that provides crisis counseling in the event of a disaster. KDADS contracts with Kansas Health Solutions (KHS) to implement the All Hazard’s Behavioral Health Plan and the Crisis Counseling Plan. KHS provides statewide disaster planning for the Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs) in the form of technical assistance for writing disaster response plans, table top exercises and FEMA Core Trainings.

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