Consumer-Run Organizations

Behavioral Health Services funds 13 Consumer-Run Organizations (CROs) to provide nontraditional peer supports to consumers or former consumers of mental health services to support recovery and improve quality of life, such as helping people achieve employment, housing and greater social connection.

CROs are legally incorporated, nonprofit consumer-governed and operated organizations using a recovery model built on self-direction, empowerment, peer support and hope for restoring individuals to a life that is integrated and meaningful according to each person’s own terms. Recovery oriented services typically include self-help groups, activities and resources to empower members to work, volunteer, attend school or further enrich their lives as members work towards recovery.


  • Provide leadership, education, training and research opportunities for members;
  • Offer a range of peer support groups, drop-in centers, self-help groups, employment support, life skills training, health and wellness activities;
  • Often provide a bridge from state institutions to life in the community; and
  • Educate consumers of mental health services about Medicaid and other community resources and connect them to these programs