SHICK Initial Training Course Requirements

  1. Learn more about the SHICK, SMP and MIPPA programs
  2. Complete a SHICK Volunteer Partner Application (required for all applicants for initial training)
  3. Complete the application and return to the local SHICK coordinator (find your local coordinator)
  4. Coordinator will schedule and conduct an interview for suitability

After a successful interview

  1. Coordinator provides information on the online training at SHICK Training Courses - Initial
    1. A self-study and mentoring schedule is set up.
    2. Self-study includes Medicare courses available soon.

    3. In-person training should be scheduled to allow enough time to complete self-study and mentoring.
  2. Coordinator will provide the documents necessary to conduct a background check to the applicant.

    1. Applicant completes the required background check forms and returns to the Coordinator.
    2. The Coordinator mails the background check paperwork to the State office and also faxes or emails a copy of the application to the State office.
  3. State office performs background check.
    1. Coordinator and applicant are notified of results.
  4. Applicant completes online training.
  5. Applicant attends six hour in-person training, Basic training
  6. Applicant is certified as a Medicare Grants counselor
  7. New counselor works with local Coordinator to begin solo counseling with Medicare beneficiaries

New Counselor Applicants need to complete the required pre-training as detailed below for each training session they plan to attend.

Once all required pre-training session courses have been certified, the new applicant is eligible to attend the specific session in-person. If all pre-training courses are not completed prior to the applicant's scheduled in-person Session 1 or 2 training, the applicant will not be eligible to attend the in-person training.

Instructions are available on the SHICK Counselor Training page.

Session 1 - Basic Training

Grant Year 2017 BasicTraining is no longer available. Grant Year 2018 will begin April 1, 2018. Information for GY 2018 BasicTraining will be available soon.

Training Registration

Be sure to register for the in-person Session 1 and/or Session 2 trainings. Go to the SHICK Training Calendar to find a scheduled training and registration form.