SHICK Initial Training Course Requirements

New Counselor Applicants need to complete the required pre-training as detailed below for each training session they plan to attend.

Once all required pre-training session courses have been certified, the new applicant is eligible to attend the specific session in-person. If all pre-training courses are not completed prior to the applicant's scheduled in-person Session 1 or 2 training, the applicant will not be eligible to attend the in-person training.

Instructions on using both the SHIP Technical Assistance Center (SHIP TA Center) and the SMP Foundations training are available on the SHICK Counselor Training page.

Session 1 - Basic Training

New applicants should study:

Medicare Rights University (MRU) for SHIPs:
Complete the "Test your Knowledge" portion after each MRU Course.

Level 1: Medicare Basics

Course 1: Health Insurance Terms

Course 2: Medicare Overview

Course 3: Medicare Options

Course 4: Enrollment Periods

Level 2: Medicare Coverage Rules

Course 1: Part A (Hospital Insurance)

Course 2: Part B (Medical Insurance)

Course 3: Part D (Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit)

Course 4: Medigap Plans (Supplemental Insurance)

Course 5: Medicare Advantage Plans

Level 3: Appeals and Penalties

Course 1: Introduction to Appeals

Level 4: Coordination of Benefits

Course 3: Programs that Help Pay Medicare Health Costs

Course 4: Programs that Help Pay Medicare Drug Costs

Special Topics

Medicare Fall Open Enrollment (No Test your Knowledge portion)

SMP Foundations Training:

Complete the SMP Foundations exam on the SHIP TA Center Certification Tool after completion of the MRU courses and the SMP Foundations Training. Questions on the exam reference a form excerpt. This form can be found beginning on Page 43 of the SMP Foundations Training Manual.

NOTE: If you have not been scheduled for this exam, please contact your Coordinator or SHICK Regional Manager.

Session 2 - Extended Basic Training

Applicants should study, again completing the "Test Your Knowledge" portion for each course:

Level 3: Appeals and Penalties

Course 2: Original Medicare Health Appeals

Course 3: Medicare Advantage Health Appeals

Course 4: Medicare Part D Drug Appeals

Course 5: Enrollment Penalties and IRMAA

Level 4: Coordination of Benefits

Course 1: Introduction to Coordination of Benefits

Course 2: Medicare and Other Insurances

Special Topics

The Affordable Care Act and Medicare: Medicare and the Marketplaces

Medicare Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Medicare and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)

Training Registration

Be sure to register for the in-person Session 1 and/or Session 2 trainings. Go to the SHICK Training Calendar to find a scheduled training and registration form.