STARS - SHIP Tracking and Reporting System


In 2018, STARS (SHIP Tracking And Reporting System) replaced the previous data reporting system, SHIPNPR (State Health Insurance Assistance Program National Performance Reporting).

  • National, web-based data system, developed and owned by ACL OHIC
    • Contract with Booz Allen Hamilton
    • Sharing Data
      • MIPPA
      • SMP SIRS
  • Kansas implementation for STARS was July 1, 2018
  • All counselors are automatically entered into STARS by the State SHICK office after completion of training.
    • Counselors will be emailed their credentials automatically when their team role has been created
  • STARS Landing Page
    • Contains link to SHIP TA Center STARS training materials (including job aids, printable forms, and previously recorded webinars)
    • Contains link to Booz Allen STARS Help Desk
  • For STARS username, password, and hierarchy support (e.g. your account is locked out):
  • For STARS resources support:
    • Contact the SHIP TA Center, or 877-839-2675.
    • Or contact your local coordinator or the State SHICK office

Requesting a Unique ID

CMS has developed a Unique ID (now called 1-800 Medicare ID) system for SHIP counselors that lets them obtain information from 800-MEDICARE as well as some MA, MA-PD, and Part D plans when they're assisting beneficiaries with claims-related issues. Under the 1-800 Medicare ID system, SHIP Directors assign 1-800 Medicare ID numbers to SHIP counselors who have signed a confidentiality agreement and have been trained to appropriately handle private information relating to the beneficiaries they counsel.

1-800 Medicare ID Requirements

  • A counselor MUST BE A CERTIFIED SHICK COUNSELOR to get a Unique ID number.
  • The signed Confidentiality Agreement cannot be faxed. It must have an original signature.
  • It may take 4 to 6 weeks for a Unique ID to become active because the list is only updated monthly.

Procedure for Obtaining a 1-800 Medicare ID

  1. The counselor completes and signs a Confidentiality Agreement for 1-800 Medicare ID, downloadable below, and mails it to the SHICK Director at the address below.
  2. SHICK Director
    Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services
    503 South Kansas Avenue
    Topeka, KS 66603

  3. After receiving the Confidentiality Agreement, the SHICK Director will assign a 1-800 Medicare ID number for the counselor through the STARS website.
  4. The 1-800 Medicare ID number is e-mailed to the counselor from STARS.
  5. On the last Thursday of each month, STARS uploads the 1-800 Medicare ID list to CMS. Newly-created 1-800 Medicare IDs can’t be used until this monthly upload has added them to the CMS list.
  6. Within approximately two weeks of the upload, CMS updates the 1-800 Medicare ID lists at 1-800-MEDICARE and the Part D plans. CSRs will not recognize newly-created 1-800 Medicare IDs until they receive the monthly update from CMS.


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