Community Participation Plan (formerly the Screens for Continued Stay)

In 2002, a legislative mandate made it a requirement for individuals on Medicaid residing in a Nursing Facility for Mental Health (NFMH) to receive an annual screen, provided by their Community Mental Health Center (CMHC), to determine the appropriateness of continued NFMH-level care. The Community Preparation Plan (formerly the Screens for Continued Stay Process) arose out of this mandate.  

Screeners and facilitators - mental health consumers specially trained to assist in the screening process -visit with the residents annually and, using a form provided by KDADS, make a determination based on the visit, conversations with NFMH staff, and a review of client records.  After performing the screen, screeners submit the form to KDADS for final approval of their recommendation.


CPP's should be completed electronically, then submitted to KDADS via email.  Forms should not be submitted by mail or fax.