Funding Opportunities

When KDADS's Behavioral Health Services has issued Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for grant opportunities, the information and any applications and questions will be posted here. Newly posted RFPs will be announced prior to the pre-bid conference, and any questions that arise from that will be posted here after that conference.

The currently released RFPs offered by KDADS BHS are listed below.

Kansas Consumer-Run Organization's Peer Support Awards Application - 2018

Due to upcoming changes that will be incorporated into KanCare 2.0 and the opportunity that offers to re-align the roles of the MCOs, CROs and CMHCs into a collaborative effort to provide Medicaid-eligible services, including Peer Support, KDADS has elected to renew the current CRO agreements for six months.  In light of this decision, the current pending grant application process will be withdrawn as of October 20, 2017.