Funding Opportunities

When KDADS's Behavioral Health Services has issued Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for grant opportunities, the information and any applications and questions will be posted here. Newly posted RFPs will be announced prior to the pre-bid conference, and any questions that arise from that will be posted here after that conference.

The currently released RFPs offered by KDADS BHS are listed below.

Kansas Consumer-Run Organization's Peer Support Awards Application - 2018

The Kansas Consumer-Run Peer Support program exists to develop, support, and implement consumer-run peer support programs in order to support recovery for the Medicaid or Medicaid-eligible target population of people diagnosed or labeled as “Severe and Persistent Mentally Ill” (SPMI). Please note that this language is used only to designate those people toward whom this money is targeted. It should be noted that awardees are NOT expected to perform diagnostic assessments of individual members, and neither are awardees expected to collect data on the diagnostic status of individual members.  KDADS and our partners encourage the use of less clinical language in preparing responses to this application.

Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) will provide support for this grant through grants with the Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health (CAC) and Wichita State University, Community Engagement Institute/Center of Behavioral Health.

These awards are intended to support:

  • Opportunities for members to develop their network of recovery support and develop their own strategies to address the challenges and opportunities of their individual and collective recovery journeys;
  • Connection between members and their home communities as they transition out of state psychiatric hospitals, nursing facilities, and other institutions;
  • Personnel, volunteers, and infrastructure necessary to support the above

These awards are not intended to support:

  • Drop-in centers
  • Food pantries or meal programs
  • Activities that are purely social in nature

Eligible Programs

These awards will support peer support recovery programs at organizations that:

  • Are independent 501c (3) corporations or have a fiscal agent that has the 501c (3) designation;
  • Maintain a governing board with 100% consumer membership; and
  • Maintain a 100% consumer paid and volunteer staff.


Release Date:  October 9, 2017
 Q&A Period:   October 9-October 16, 20173
Submit questions to
 Answers Posted:  October 23, 2017
 Grant Review Assistance from WSU:  October 31-November 14, 2017
 Application Deadline:  November 15, 2017
 Notification of Award:  December 10, 2017
 Grant Start Date:  January 1, 2018