Supported Housing Funds

Supported Housing Fund (SHF) is a state-funded program that provides “tenant-based housing first” assistance on a temporarylimited basis by supporting eligible individuals who are experiencing a mental illness to obtain and maintain housing in the least restrictive environment possible. This is accomplished by providing temporary financial assistance for their housing needs.

Allowable SHF expenditures include:

  • Temporary rental payment (first/last month’s rent or limited rental assistance)
  • Housing and utility deposits/bills
  • Household items (pots, pans, linens)
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Moving expenses
  • Home cleaning services
  • Minor home repair
  • Application fees
  • Personal state issued identification
  • Other expenses that allow a person to maintain or obtain housing (must obtain approval from KDADS' Behavioral Health Services central office)

Non-allowable SHF expenses include:

  • Medication
  • Dental services
  • Health care
  • Other services not related to housing

Kansas Community Mental Health Centers and sponsoring agencies, designated by the Secretary of KDADS, can access Supported Housing Funds to assist their customers with safe, secure and affordable housing. The Supported Housing Program is administrated by Kim Wilson Housing, Inc.